Pastel Cartel

Embrace The Nurturing Nature!

Want to feel reconnected with your mind, body, and soul with the help of premium quality Kratom? Look no further! 

Pastel Cartel is the answer to all your Kratom worries. 

Whether you want to feel rejuvenated in your hectic schedule or need to reduce any bodily discomfort, our products can surely make your life super comfortable with their countless benefits. You will not only be ready to face any hard day but it can fill you up with enough happiness to spread around. Depending on the strain, it can make you feel tranquil, and mindful, with undivided focus, and unlimited energy. 

Pastel Cartel – A Name Of Authenticity

Serving the Kratom community since 2019, Pastel Cartel has emerged as a leading Kratom brand. At Bedrock Botanicals, we have stocked all the best Pastel Cartel products. From the exotic strains like Yellow Sumatra to the most potent ones like Green Maeng Da, we have got all the important Kratom strains. Our product lineup includes Green Maeng Da, Red Thai, White Borneo, and Yellow Sumatra in both powder and capsule forms. Priced extremely reasonably, you can get our Kratom powder of 4 Oz for $19.99 30 capsules for $9.99 and 90 capsules for $29.99. 

Imported exclusively from the beautiful tropical areas of Thailand, where farmers ethically grow the Kratom plants and hand-pick the finest quality leaves. They are then meticulously dried and grounded using state-of-the-art technology to yield fine powder form. Deploying the latest techniques, we pack them in USDA-compliant packaging that can safely extend the shelf life of Kratom and make you enjoy our products without the fear of spoilage. Moreover, we take care of the quality and purity by independently lab testing our products for any pathogens and heavy metals. 

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