Kratom Potentiation: 6 Ways To Potentiate Kratom For Fuller Experience

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Do you know that you can enjoy the fuller effects of Kratom by potentiating it? However, the question is, what potentiates Kratom?

Kratom potentiation is a popular method among Kratom enthusiasts as it not only helps in enhancing the Kratom effect. But also is cost-effective, and your kratom supplement lasts a longer time. Several potentiators can be taken, some of which are in your home and on your shelves. 

Don’t know how to start your Kratom potentiation journey? No worries, this guide will show you which Kratom potentiators you should take to have the best euphoria.

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What Is Potentiator And How To Potentiate Kratom?

Potentiators are basic ingredients that, when combined with Kratom, enhance the availability of Kratom to the body, giving a stronger effect. 

Kratom potentiation works by inhibiting specific enzyme receptors in the body. This allows the Kratom to work effectively, giving the users a fuller experience.

 Kratom can be potentiated with the help of a lot of natural substances. This helps increase energy, promote relaxation, and increase productivity

Moreover, the best part is that you will be saving a lot of Kratom supplements by potentiating it. That is because when you combine potentiator with Kratom, you decrease the serving size of the Kratom.

 How to potentiate Kratom? Simply mix it in smoothies, make herbal teas, or take it after some kind of caffeine.  

6 Best Kratom Potentiators To Increase Kratom Tolerance

If you are looking for ways how to potentiate Kratom, then the following are the best Kratom potentiators to use: 

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the famous potentiators being used these days. Magnesium not only helps in increasing the Kratom effect but can also be used to break the Kratom tolerance.

 Moreover, magnesium increases the absorption and metabolic capabilities of the stomach. This leads to absorption of the Kratom effectively. 

Magnesium is also said to aid in reducing the side effects of Kratom, like constipation while helping in better digestion and bowel movement. 

Simply mix the Kratom in magnesium-rich smoothies and kickstart your day. 

  1. Pickle Juice

Many people do not know, but pickle juice can be used as a potentiator for Kratom. Yes, the pickles sitting in your refrigerator have patenting properties. This is because pickle juice contains a lot of electrolyte content like magnesium, potassium, etc. The acidic nature of pickle juice is also said to be great for enhancing the Kratom effect.

Magnesium, as we know, is a great potentiator of Kratom, and if you do not want to buy magnesium, go for pickle juice. Any kind of pickle juice is fine.

  1. Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice as a Kratom potentiator is an excellent idea, as citrus juices are said to prolong the effect of Kratom. Lemon juice can slow down the Kratom metabolization, allowing it to have a longer-lasting effect. 

Lemon juice works by pulling out the alkaloid from the Kratom powders, potentiating the Kratom and giving you a fuller experience. Another reason to take kratom with lemon juice is to make it taste better. As you know, kratom doesn’t taste appetizing. 

  1. Black Pepper

Did you know that this small round pepper seed can act as a potentiator for Kratom? A small pinch taken with Kratom can do wonders. The piperine present in black peppers is a natural alkaloid that helps increase Kratom absorption. Piperine is an enhancer that helps in the absorption of substances, explaining why it acts as a potentiator. 

  1. Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has proved to be not only a good Kratom potentiator but also beneficial for reducing the effects when Kratom wears off. This antioxidant-rich oil is said to block many brain enzyme receptors, leading to an increase in the overall effect of Kratom. 

You can take black seed oil with any type of vein; however, it is recommended to combine it with red vein Kratom. It increases the general relaxation of the body and reduces stress. 

  1.  Kombucha

How kombucha works in potentiating Kratom is still unknown. However, Kratom users reported that it does act as a potentiator when taken after the Fratom dose. The Kratom Kombucha combo is great for relieving stress, soothing nerves and muscle relaxation.

Kombucha aids the stomach and relieves any discomfort if it arises while increasing the euphoric effects of Kratom. Taking about 7-12 oz of kombucha can do the perfect job for you. 

Taking Kratom Empty Stomach: Does It Help In Kratom Potentiation?

There has also been speculation that if you take Kratom on an empty stomach, it has the same effects as using it with a potentiator. Whether it is true or not has not been medically proven. 

However, many Kratom lovers who have actively used Kratom on an empty stomach reported that they felt the amplified effects of Kratom. 

However, some other users reported that taking Kratom on a full stomach can increase its effects as the food already present potentiates it. 

So, whether you should take Kratom on an empty stomach or not is your personal preference. That is why it is recommended to experiment and find out what is best for you. 

Potentiating Kratom: Final Thoughts

Kratom potentiation is a great way of achieving the desired effects of Kratom. According to many users, the ingredients mentioned above are the most commonly used substances these days and have proven to be effective. 

However, as we always recommend. Every body type is different, so what works for others may not work for you. Trying different things is the best way to find what suits you. Do your research, and do not forget to consult your healthcare professional whenever starting your Kratom potentiation journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use Herbal Teas with Kratom?

Although it is recommended not to combine Kratom with any other herbs, some herbs are an exception. For example, valerian root and chamomile tea are said to be the best Kratom potentiators to combine with Kratom. There is no specific way as to how they work; however, both of these teas are said to enhance the relaxing effect of Kratom, making them best for restful sleep. 

  • Are Natural Kratom Potentiators Safe to Use?

If you are using all the daily life Kratom potentiators like lemon juice, caffeine, and black seed oil, then no, they are not dangerous. These are natural substances, so they tend to have less disadvantageous effects when combined with Kratom. However, if you are trying to combine Kratom with other drugs or medication, then yes, you can face some severe side effects. 

  • Is Taking Kratom Potentiators Any Beneficial?

Yes, Kratom potentiators are quite beneficial as they make taking Kratom quite cost-effective. When you do Kratom potentiation, you use less serving size, meaning your Kratom supplement will last longer. Moreover, other benefits are: It reduces the tolerance, makes the Kratom effect stronger, and the effect lasts a longer time.

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