Feel The Power Of Nature With The Best Energy Boost

Whether you are stressed out because of all the challenges that life throws at you or feeling mentally drained from the boring routine in your daily life, K-Tropix can be the lifesaver for you. 

Not only, you can enjoy increased productivity and better performance at work or school, but also you can get rid of daily fatigue or any discomfort —all thanks to these potent shots. 

Most of all, by improving concentration, mood, mental focus, energy level, and cognitive function, our Kratom shots can help you have a renewed and brighter outlook on life. 

K-Tropix- All-Natural Kratom Shots 

At Bedrock Botanicals, we have got three different types of K-Tropix Kratom shots that are not only highly potent but extremely tasteful with amazing flavours. 

We have the following:

  • K-Tropix Original Shot, containing 100 mg Mitragynine.
  • K-Tropix Nano Shot in Cherry Bomb and Chocolate Mint flavors, containing 110 mg Mitragynine.

Priced at an extremely affordable rate of $19.99 for one bottle, you are surely to get these amazing beneficial shots without overspending. 

Enjoy A More Balanced Life With Our K-Tropix Shots!

Our K-Tropix Original Shots are a strong nootropic combination of Kratom alkaloids and complex neuro-enhancers that are best for both mental and physical health. 

Moreover, by using highly advanced NANO particle technology with Kratom extract in our Nano Shots, we have manufactured

 a highly effective product that not only is fast-acting but also super powerful with an increased alkaloid content. 

Most importantly, we are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and make sure to always third party lab test our products for purity. Trust us, you will be in good hands! 

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