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While it has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia, Jong Kong Kratom has now begun to gain popularity in the United States as well. This variety of Kratom, which comes from the lush Jongkong region of Indonesia, is recognised for its distinct qualities and variety of strains.

Thanks to the current momentum, it is marketed and suggested by users as a natural way to increase energy and improve mental clarity. This guide discusses the various strains of Jongkong Kratom, talking about their benefits, characteristics, dosage, user experience, and more. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Jong Kong Kratom: Facts And History

This is a distinct variety of Kratom sourced from the Jongkong region in Indonesia, known for its fertile soil and ideal growing conditions. The region’s unique climate and fertile soil are factors in the high alkaloid concentration of the leaves, which gives Jongkong Kratom its potent effects.

Indigenous populations have been using this Kratom variety for its stimulant and therapeutic qualities for centuries now. It was traditionally taken to fight weariness and increase productivity by chewing the leaves or brewing them into tea. 

Jongkong Kratom comes in four different Bedrock strain varieties: Red, Green, White, and Gold (which is a blend of Green and White vein strains).

Strain Overview And Benefits

Now since we have discussed what Jong Kong Kratom is, let’s jump into talking about the different strains of this variety in depth. 

White Jong Kong Kratom

This particular Kratom variety is known for its invigorating and stimulating properties. These leaves are collected and dried while keeping the white veins intact to produce the almighty white Jongkong Kratom.

Thanks to its well-known stimulating properties, White Jong Kong Kratom is a popular choice among consumers looking to improve their mood, focus, and productivity.

Moreover, because of its stimulating characteristics, it is frequently used as a natural substitute for coffee or energy drinks. Some users also report feeling slightly relaxed in addition to the energizing effects. 

White Jong Kong Kratom powder’s colour usually varies from off-white to light green, depending on leaf maturity and other processing variables.

White Jongkong Energy Smoothie

As an added bonus for reading our guide, we have a secret recipe for your Jongkong dosage. 


  • Banana – 1
  • White Jongkong Kratom powder – 2 grams
  • Almond Milk – 1 cup
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Spinach – ¼ cup


To make the energy smoothie, peel a banana and cut it into small pieces. Then put it into a blender along with almond milk and Kratom powder and give it a quick blend.

Finally add a handful of spinach and honey for taste. You may add crushed ice if you desire, And voila! You have your energy smoothie.

Red Jong Kong Kratom

Red Jong Kong Kratom stands out from its White counterpart due to its unique ability to induce calmness and relaxation. Red Jong Kong Kratom effects are highly valued for their ability to promote relaxation and reduce discomfort, in contrast to White Jong Kong Kratom, which is praised for its stimulating qualities. 

This strain is popular among those looking for peace of mind and a little relief, which makes it a great option for controlling discomfort or relaxing after a long day. 

Red Jongkong Kratom powder’s colouration ranges from deep red to reddish-brown, depending on what goes on during the harvesting and drying process.

Mature leaves have a dark colour as compared to younger ones. So if the leaves are harvested sooner rather than later, the resulting Kratom would have a light red color.

Red Jongkong Golden Milk

Well if you are a fan of Red Jongkong, you are in for a treat. We have just curated an amazing recipe that will blow your mind and problems away. So don’t forget to make it before bed tonight! 


  • Red Jongkong Kratom powder – 3 grams
  • Coconut Milk – 1 cup
  • Turmeric – ½ tsp
  • Honey – 1 tsp
  • Black pepper – a pinch


To make this special milk, take a pan and heat one cup of coconut or oat milk (whatever you desire). Once the milk has come to a boil, add Red Jongkong powder along with turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, and honey.

Give the mixture a good stir and take it off the heat. Finally, pour it into your favourite cup and enjoy!

Green Jong Kong Kratom

Green Jong Kong Kratom is the third variety of this strain and offers benefits quite different from its other two counterparts.

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Unlike white and red strains, which undergo different drying processes, Green Jongkong is subjected to a specific drying method that helps retain its natural green pigment.

This preservation of chlorophyll, along with other alkaloids present in the leaves, contributes to the vibrant green appearance of the final product. The rich green hue indicates its freshness and quality. 

The balanced effects of Green Jong Kong Kratom are well regarded, in contrast to the energizing impacts of White Jong Kong and the relaxing features of Red Jong Kong.

It is well regarded for its capacity to improve mood and give a mild energy boost without causing the jitters that are sometimes linked to certain white strains.

After using Green Jong Kong Kratom, users usually say that they feel more balanced and have clearer minds. Normally people who are looking for a more natural solution to enhance their vigor, productivity, and focus seem to use this strain.

Green Jong Kong Tea

Green Jong Kong lovers, we have something for you too! Follow this recipe to brew the most delicious and potent cup of hot tea. 


  • Green Jongkong Kratom powder – 2 grams
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Lemon juice – ½ tsp
  • Honey – 1 tsp


Take an empty pan pour one cup of tap water into it and leave it on the stove to boil. Similarly, you can also boil the water in an electric kettle if you want.

Once the water has boiled, pour it into a cup, add green Jongkong powder to it and give the mixture a good stir until the powder has dissolved.

Finally, add lemon juice and honey according to your liking and there you have it! Your hot and tasty tea!

Gold Jong Kong Kratom

Gold Jongkong combines the best qualities of both green and white strains, providing a smooth and well-balanced Kratom experience. 

This strain is not produced by harvesting leaves of a specific color, but rather by blending green and white Jongkong Kratom powders in varying ratios.

Normally, vendors use a 60-40 ratio of green and white vein Kratom to come up with this variety but this proportion can differ from vendor to vendor.

The resulting mixture varies from light gold to deeper yellow, depending on the ratio of green to white powder used.

Thanks to its well-balanced effects, Gold Jongkong Kratom is pretty popular in the Kratom community. It offers a little energy boost and mood enhancement without the calming effects of some red strains or the overstimulation of some white strains.

When taking Gold Jong Kong Kratom, users frequently experience feelings of well-being, mental clarity, and minor relief.

Due to its versatility, it is perfect for use in the daytime as well as at night, based on personal preferences.

Golden Jong Kong Maple Latte

This maple latte is perfect for winter evenings when you are trying to rescue yourself from the cold winds blowing outside. So let’s dive in!


  • Gold Jongkong Kratom powder – 3 grams
  • Oat Milk – 1 cup
  • Maple Syrup – 2 tbsp
  • Cinnamon powder – ½ tsp


To make this latte, warm a cup of oat milk on the stove and add Kratom powder into it. When the milk comes to a boil, add two tablespoons of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon powder.

Feel free to add more syrup if the drink isn’t sweet enough for you. Give a quick stir to the mixture and pour it out into your cup. 

Here’s a table to summarize all the important information we discussed about the four varieties of Jongkong Kratom:

BenefitsCharacteristicsDosageUser Experiences

White JongKong
Enhanced energy and focus.
Mood enhancement.
Moderate discomfort relief
Light, pale green color. 
Mildly bitter taste, earthy aroma
Start with 1-2 grams. 
Experienced users: 3-5 grams.
Preferred for energy and focus without jitters.

Red JongKong
Potent discomfort relief. 
Relaxation and sleep aid.
Deep, rich red color. 
Robust, earthy aroma, pronounced bitter taste
Deep, rich red colour. 
Robust, earthy aroma, pronounced bitter taste
Effective for chronic discomfort and sleep improvement.

Green JongKong
Balanced energy and relaxation
Improved focus and motivation
Mood stabilization
Vibrant green colour
Slightly bitter taste, fresh aroma
Start with 1-2 grams 
Increase to 3-5 grams if needed
Versatile, aiding both focus and relaxation.

Gold JongKong
Balanced effects 
Mood enhancement 
Golden hue
Rich, slightly sweet aroma, less bitter taste
Start with 1-2 grams 
Increase to 3-5 grams if needed
Provides balanced effects for relief and mild discomfort.

Jongkong Vs. Other Strains

Jongkong has made its mark by being distinct from all the other strains and this is why it is so deeply loved by the enthusiasts. Unlike other strains, such as Malay, Maeng Da, Bali, or Borneo, Jongkong offers a balanced blend of effects, ranging from energizing to calming.

While Maeng Da is known for its potent stimulant properties and Bali for its relaxing effects, Jongkong Kratom provides users with a middle ground, offering a gentle boost in energy without the jitteriness or sedation often associated with other strains. 

Final Word

The world of Kratom offers a myriad of strains, each with its own set of unique characteristics and effects. Among them, Jong Kong Kratom shines as a versatile and balanced option by bridging the gap between stimulating and sedating strains.

We tried our best to make this guide the most comprehensive and accessible one out there by covering everything from different strains to their benefits, dosages, user experiences, and even recipes! 
If you wish to buy the best quality Jongkong Kratom, don’t forget to visit Bedrock Botanicals.

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