Kratom Dosage Guidelines: How Much Kratom Should You Take?

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If you’re new to Kratom and thinking about trying it, you might be wondering, “How much Kratom should I take?” It’s a common question, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your ideal dose depends on things like how your body works and how used to Kratom you are. Plus, not all Kratom products are the same strength, and everyone’s body reacts differently.

The smartest approach to Kratom dosing is to start small, especially if it’s your first time. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of dosing and what Kratom does, let’s start with the basics of what Kratom actually is. 

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Kratom Dosage

Kratom dosage varies from person to person. The appropriate dose is dependent on three major factors:

  • Your size and weight.
  • The main impacts you want to obtain from Kratom – stimulating or relaxing
  • How frequently do you take Kratom?

While there are three main factors that influence the dosage of Kratom, several others play a role, including metabolic rate, whether you’ve eaten before taking it, and the specific strain of Kratom being used.

Generally, Kratom can be broken into two dosages:

  • Stimulating Kratom doses: 0.025 grams per pound of bodyweight.
  • Sedation or discomfort relief 0.04 grams per pound of body weight.

When using Kratom for the first time, start with a smaller amount than you believe you’ll need and gradually work your way up with each successive dose until you achieve the desired combination of effects.

Weight (Pounds)Stimulating DoseSedative Dose
80 pounds2.0 grams3.5 grams
100 pounds2.5 grams4.0 grams
120 pounds3.0 grams5.0 grams
140 pounds3.5 grams5.5 grams
160 pounds4.0 grams5.5 grams
180 pounds4.5 grams6.5 grams
200 pounds5.0 grams8.0 grams

Measuring Your Kratom Dose

The best way to  gauge your Kratom dosage is by weighing it using a small-scale measurement tool. You can easily get your hands on these scales from any retailer or head shop. Similarly, you can also get a kitchen scale from Walmart or any other large department store to perform the same job. 

Sometimes people use volume measurements for their doses, such as teaspoons or tablespoons. However, this approach lacks precision. The issue arises from variations in the grind consistency of bedrock Kratom powders, which can impact the volume occupied by a particular weight of powder.

For example, a teaspoon of Kratom is approximately 2.3-2.7 grams. However, fine ground Kratom is heavier because the smaller particles allow it to pack more snugly into the same space, weighing up to 3.5 grams.

If you don’t scale, measuring your dose by volume will work; however, bear in mind that it will not provide the most exact dose. Just make sure to be consistent when measuring by volume.

Use level scoops rather than heaped scoops, and try to use the same measuring spoons for your Kratom wherever possible. The amount will also vary depending on whether the powder is packed or loosely filled in the spoon.

Kratom Dosage According To Purposes

As mentioned earlier, the dosage of Kratom varies depending on its intended purpose. Let’s take a look at Kratom dosage for each specific purpose. 

Kratom Beginners

Going slowly is the ideal approach to take Kratom or any other substance, especially if it is your first time. The effects of Kratom exposure differ from person to person, so it’s a trial-and-error process.

But first, remember to get Kratom from a trusted store or company. This applies to any product you intend to purchase, whether it is Kratom powder, extract, or third eye capsules.

Since Kratom is not regulated in the United States, no quality standards are created, making it simple for fraudulent Kratom merchants to sell low-quality, even counterfeit, goods. You may be taking items that contain unknown substances or are compromised in some way. To avoid this, only buy Kratom from reputable vendors. Always check for third-party lab test results from a lab that is not associated with the seller. The lab test should reveal the mitragynine content of the Kratom and demonstrate that there are no impurities present.

Now let’s talk about the exact amount that is safe to consume in the case of Kratom. You can safely begin with two to four grams for your first dose and wait about 20 to 30 minutes.

If you don’t experience any effects after that, you can take another gram two. This is far safer than consuming too much Kratom at once. If you begin with a large dose straight away, you may have unpleasant side effects like nausea. You may also sweat and have an increased body temperature.

Low doses are recommended for people who are more sensitive or prefer the energising effects of Kratom. High doses are for those who need pain relief.

Whatever you do, avoid consuming large dosages. The appropriate Kratom dosage will be determined by three important elements.

First, consider your size and weight. Second, consider the key effects you desire from Kratom: stimulating or relaxing? The third factor is how frequently you use it, which also affects your tolerance.


Kratom can provide relief from discomfort when consumed at any level. However, for maximum relief, higher doses are recommended. Opting for strains with elevated levels of alkaloids, particularly mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, is advisable.

These compounds effectively interact with kappa, delta, and mu-opioid receptors, reducing sensitivity to discomfort across the body.

Dosage guidelines for different levels of discomfort:

2–4 grams: Suitable for mild discomfort.

3–5 grams: Recommended for moderate discomfort.

5 grams or more: Effective for alleviating severe discomfort.

Start with a smaller dose and gradually increase it until you find the relief you’re seeking. It’s crucial not to take more than necessary, as higher doses can increase the likelihood of side effects. Look for a potent Kratom strain known for its effectiveness in chronic pain management.

Such strains typically have a high concentration of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, offering powerful pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and muscle relaxation.


Kratom is a powerful energy enhancer that can also help you focus better. If you wish to improve your focus, you can take doses that are lower than those used for discomfort. Taking 2-4 grams of Kratom is usually sufficient to offer nootropic advantages.

Some people can even get enough from microdoses of raw powder, which are only 1 gram each. This is sufficient for increased focus, creativity, mental endurance, and clarity. Taking more Kratom than you can tolerate will produce the opposite effect.

You risk making it even more difficult to stay focused. Start with a tiny dose and gradually increase as you learn how your body reacts.

Another advantage of using Kratom at smaller dosages is that it helps you feel more sociable with others, comparable to the benefits of alcohol but without the negative consequences. You experience euphoria and become more talkative. Your mood improves overall.


According to the user, Kratom is effective in treating insomnia. Red-veined Kratom is particularly suggested for this purpose, especially at higher doses. The normal dose for inducing sleep varies from 5 to 8 grams.

Individuals with a larger body weight may require doses of up to 12 grams. When using Kratom to help you sleep, you may feel more energetic and alert at first. However, this impact normally fades after about 45 minutes, resulting in tiredness.

While Kratom is typically safe when used appropriately, dosages in this range may produce some side effects. Exceeding the authorized dosage may result in psychological symptoms such as hallucinations and euphoria, as well as dehydration, dizziness, and headaches.

What Is The Duration Of Kratom Effects?

The effects of Kratom often last 5-6 hours. When taken on an empty stomach, the effects normally begin within 30-40 minutes. However, if you ate a heavy or fatty meal before taking Kratom, the effects would take longer to manifest, but they would also last longer. If you use Kratom on a full stomach, it can take up to 90 minutes to feel its full effects.

What Are The Effects Of Taking Too Much Kratom?

Kratom rarely has any negative effects when used carefully and is unlikely to induce an overdose, even in huge dosages.

Side effects become considerably more likely when people take bigger doses than they require. This is why it is important to be patient when using Kratom for the first time until you find the dose that produces the desired effects, but nothing more.

Here’s a list few common side effects associated with taking too much Kratom:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Lose of appetite

Final Word

Getting the right dosage is crucial for using Kratom safely and getting the desired effects. Taking too much or too little can lead to unwanted side effects. That’s why this guide is here to help both beginners and experienced users figure out the proper amount of Kratom to take for their needs.

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